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Hello Fellow Doctor,

Thank you for finding us. Right now, in your vicinity, there is a group of concerned physicians coming together because they see a different possibility for the future. They are part of a movement to advocate for the people we serve in our clinics, in our emergency rooms, and on our hospital floors.

It started with a small occupation of a public park, an act of liberation that sparked the imagination of millions expanded across the country and the world. It is a movement both pure and creative, but often misunderstood because it refuses to have specific demands, except for one. They are demanding for us to remain free.

It turns out that we physicians have become passive components of the trillion-dollar medical-industrial complex. The brand medications we prescribe, the ever multiplying tests we order, and the expensive tools we use while struggling to inhale the dizzying cloud of evidence, ultimately subdue us into accepting that this is the best we have to offer our patients and communities. This machinery has taken a life of its own and grows every day, engulfing our researchers, our policy-makers, our administrators, and our legislators. It is the malignancy that erodes the art, science, and sanctity of our profession.

We can stand up to that.

Our agenda is broad, our dreams are deep. With no funding, no political affiliation and no physical presence, we seem outmatched against the organized forces of the medical-industrial complex. But they underestimate the magnitude of the collective awakening that is taking place this very moment. All we need is for you to unleash your imagination.

A better world is possible. This is our movement that started in the streets. It is finally bursting through our hospital doors.

Join us.

Doctors for the 99%

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