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We, the Doctors for the 99%, respond to the call of the Declaration of the Occupation of New York City by uniting in solidarity with the global Occupy movement to express a feeling of mass injustice.

We assert our power by occupying a “space of conscience” within our professional communities. We create a place where concerned physicians may openly debate, learn, and act together to address the injustices that threaten our people, while protecting the art and integrity of our profession.

We, entrusted with the lives and wellbeing of the people, preserve the sanctity of the oath that we have universally sworn to uphold – an oath to do no harm. We refuse to be complicit in perpetuating policies that promote and reinforce structural violence. We take on the responsibility to challenge corporate and governmental influences that misallocate resources or increase profits at the expense of the people’s health.

We advocate for the dynamic engagement of all physicians, physician-trainees and students with the larger determinants of health. We recognize the limitations of traditional clinical medicine, when it is access to basic needs such as safe housing, food security, quality education, and meaningful employment that foster good health.

We believe in the virtue of horizontal engagement and the evolving democratic process espoused by the Occupy movement.  We create a coalition of physician-activists to develop tactics and coordinate actions that manifest our collective struggle and give rise to new solutions.

Meaningful participation in democracy can only be achieved by liberating our people from the culture of oppression that plagues our society. We join the people’s movement in peaceful protest against mass injustice and through creative action for social change.

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